Sunday, December 08, 2002

Chaos Machine Officially Unplugged

Son of a Blog! Everyone's having babies it seems! Congratulations to the fathers in the waiting room -- Tom Matrullo and Gary Turner. Waiting's the worst part, isn't it!? Well, at least it's quiet.

I just got my chaos machine down to sleep and I wander my house picking up after him, wondering how one little force of nature can make so much mess in such a short time for goodness' sakes. He found a box from Halloween with a clown suit in it which meant he just had to peel off his pj's put on a clown bowtie, a big pair of sunglasses and I mean BIG and parade around the living room half dressed.

Very funny, but hey, what happened to bath, book, bed -- my usual routine with him around here! He's amazing. He was also making homemade Christmas Tree ornaments ... but that's another blog. I'd like to know why a seven-year-old thinks a Cambridge Parking Violation would make a great ornament? Whatever. It is finally ... Silent Night, Holy Night, Sleep in Heavenly Peace.