Monday, January 28, 2002

User Interface Confessions -- or I Cook Everything On Popcorn

My life is too busy and too complicated to give two shits about reading manuals or learning new complicated interfaces.

So when it comes to microwave ovens, I cook everything on "Popcorn". A frozen dinner = 2 popcorns. Leftover pizza = about .5 popcorn and of course, popcorn = 1 popcorn. In Microwaveland, the currency is Popcorn.

Sometimes to really amuse myself, I press the other buttons and howl to think some engineer actually spent time designing something nutty like the REHEAT menu which says "SEE COOKING GUIDE BEHIND DOOR" (Yo, man, I cooked that thing months ago — 2 popcorns and it was a flamer!) Then it has three more menus! 1. Dinner Plate, 2. Soup/Sauce, 3. Casserole. This really has me roaring.

This guy obviously works late at a quiet lab designing useless interfaces while his wife is trying to get a meal on the table for a screaming toddler, a voracious kindergardener and believe me, he has no CLUE about the people who use the machine he makes and the deep dark secret of his marriage — his wife cooks everything on POPCORN.