Sunday, January 27, 2002

Stranger Than Fiction -- Here Comes The Goddess

Have you read Leonard Schlain's The Alphabet Versus The Goddess? It is some amazing book and nearly indescribable.

I know this is a tough thing to swallow, but imagine that the printed word is battling it out with the graphic image, that standing on one side of the ring (with the printed word — think Alphabet) are men and on the other side of the ring (with the graphic image — and this means sculpture, painting, iconography, all visual media — think Goddess) are women. Got it, so far, Alphabet v. Goddess.

Schlain, a neurosurgeon, explains this is how male and female brains process information — in radically different ways — men tending towards words which are linear and literal, women towards images which are holistic and intuitive.

He then drags you through all of ancient and modern history to show how more word-based societies were patriarchal, more visually-dominant societies were matriarchal.

Ready? I know this is a big stretch. He then finishes up with the radical notion that the Net is facilitating the transition from a patriarchal world to a new matriarchal society. That the Net thinks, talks, connects like women do. Goddess Wins. Check out the book.