Thursday, January 24, 2002

Kmart, No Big Surprise

Sometimes you wonder if retailers ever ask their customers anything! If Kmart had asked me about their stores, I'd have said, the locations suck, they're in semi-sleazy neighborhoods I don't want to drag my 6-year-old into; the lighting sucks, creepy flourescent lights that make you look like an ugly green martian when you try anything on; their shelves are always messy and their employees are mostly invisible, or if they are available, are best characterized as petulant.

Contrast this with Target, my favoritest, favoritest, favoritest store in the whole wide world. They're in great locations, with GREAT PARKING; they are cheery and pretty inside w/great lighting; their employees are so turned on, they look like a winning rugby team -- they can only wear RED shirts because they are on fire w/enthusiasm, nothing else would be appropriate. And their women's clothes are better looking and a better deal than half the crap you find on Newbury Street, Fifth Avenue or Rodeo Drive.

The only mystery is NOT that they're going bankrupt (they were visually and spiritually bankrupt already), but what was Martha thinking?