Thursday, January 10, 2002

It's A Goddess Thing, Guys

Or how Britney won the war. In case you missed it, two brilliant, heat-seeking missiles were launched by Ms. Spears right into Osama's backyard recently.

First there was the November Vogue Magazine cover with her sunny Marilyn-trompe l'oeil back-arching portrait in red, white and blue bold American attitude.

And if that weren't enough, her first video after the WTC attacks was the highly erotic, deliciously political "I'm A Slave 4 U". You'd suspect it was shot in Tora Bora, but try the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Was Brit offering to become the next (and 5th) Mrs. Bin Laden, giving this fairy tale a Beauty and the Beast ending? What a way to win the war!

It harkens back to Andrew Sullivan's find — the NY Review of Books article where Ian Buruma and Avishai Margalit discuss that most deadly force — female sexuality. Bye Bye Burqua.