Friday, January 25, 2002

Glass House Throws Stones -- Hypocrites All

Amazing what crawls out from under a rock when you pick it up. As we lift the Enron boulder, any number of "bipartisan" vermin in fancy suits are to be found.

The New York Times piece this morning "Enron or Andersen Made Donations to Almost All Their Congressional Investigators" by Don Van Natta is the real story. Did I read it correctly, that "of the 248 senators and House members serving on the 11 Congressional committees, ... [a whopping] ... 212 have received money from Enron or Anderson"!?!

No wonder Jack Valenti from the Motion Picture Association of America was in attendance, he's trying to option the rights for a screenplay — this will make an incredible movie! But it won't be called Mr. Smith Goes To Washington II.

I say put them ALL on trial — Senators, auditors, House reps, Oilmen — and have the impoverished Enron janitors, secretaries, mailroom guys, and receptionists start asking the questions.