Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sweet End of Summer But We Do Fall Oh So Well!

Really, a hot night on Sept 21 but let's get it together with the fall. Nobody does fall like us New Englanders. Wish we all had Pilgrim uniforms we had to wear after Sept 22. Those big bibs and buckle shoes. Way cool. And the stupid rhyming "leaf peepers" -- silly catch phrase but what a tumble of leaves we'll have soon. Red plastic rakes. Cider and piles of pumpkins. Bring it on.

Did you know we do just about anything NOT to turn the heat on. We wear wool hats and socks to bed to put off the inevitable. Some years we don't turn the heat on until November! I love that kind of year. And then it's a flannel extravaganza! Flannel everything -- bed sheets, nightgowns, art projects, slippers. Flannel and felt -- in orange and red and brown and yellow. Hello! We love fall! Hell, we even love Autumn here.