Friday, July 24, 2015

Brad Feld's recent post on Feld Thoughts about "Don't Fake the Language" is so true.  In any business, slinging the slang around always makes you sound silly.  Some of the smartest people I've met (including Brad) can explain things in very simple language.  They don't need to go all buzzwordy on you as he notes in his post.
Today, there are hundreds of words that people throw around in the context of their startups. Many, like traction, are completely meaningless. If you need a dose of some of the language, just watch a few episodes of Silicon Valley.
I’ve noticed something recently. For founders outside Silicon Valley, and even plenty within Silicon Valley, the language seems forced. Fake. Awkward. Uncomfortable. Words are used incorrectly. They are strung together in meaningless sentences. They are used to obscure reality or try to avoid the meat of a question.