Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yoga Time

When you do yoga you think about breathing, it's true, but you also think about time.  Time is a crazy animal, very sly, hard to figure out, sometimes shy.  Every morning when you show up on the yoga mat, time might feel like little wooden blocks, maybe with M, T, W, Th, F, S and S stamped on them.  Alphabet blocks that you pile up day by day, moment by moment.  Or time might feel like water flowing to you, through you, around you.  Or maybe time feels like wind.  Pushing your back some days or wafting past you others.

When you do yoga, time is always playing tricks with you, or more accurately, the way you experience time is so different from one session on the mat to the next you could swear some greater force is messing with your mind.  

I do a set of yoga exercises from a great Rodney Yee DVD most mornings and of all the benefits it delivers -- physical, mental, psychological -- what it really shows me is how our consciousness of time is so mutable.

My experience of time is sometimes quiet and slow moving like an old horse in a soft green pasture. Other times, my awareness is flying in all directions like a wild bird flapping its wings madly, trying to escape to the bigger blue sky.  Even worse, some mornings my thoughts are just ping ponging and ricocheting from wall to wall and to calm them down seems next to impossible.

Try it some time.  Give it some time.  High time you did.  And, oh yeah, namaste!

Photo Credit:  Gaiam