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Congrats to Psykosoft!

pastedGraphic.pdfIf you were at TechStars Boston this past year, you noticed a truly fun, nutty, excellent, international, mega-creative team called Psykosoft, run by Mathieu Gosselin who is CEO but calls himself the "Mad Captain" btw.  He's French.

Psykosoft just got $500K from Atlas Venture -- you know that guy Fred Destin -- and Balderton in London -- they are super cool and that means painting like a master just got a lot easier!  

Here's the serious version with lots of nice links to talk to these guys.

You'll be talking to them for sure, since this is pretty painting software that will work on the mysterious Microsoft #Surface.


PSYKOSOFT, graduate of TechStars Boston 2012, secures $500k seed funding for product innovation and global talent search

June 22, 2012 

Cambridge, MA

Tours, France

Munich, Germany 
Copenhagen, Denmark. 
This press release comes from many places because Psykosoft, the ‘crazy creative software factory’, knows the creative class is spread across the globe.  As the creators of the winning web app, Psykopaint, the international team at Psykosoft is thrilled to announce they have raised a $500K seed round co-led by Boston-based Atlas Venture and London’s Balderton capital with angel investments from executives at Harmonix (Guitar Hero) and Brightcove.   
Psykopaint, the company’s flagship app, is already attracting more than a million unique visitors a month, with a growth path that is doubling every few months.  
Just as Instagram lets you stylize your photos, Draw Something dares you to show off your silly sketches, now Psykopaint lets you paint like a great master, literally in the style of Renoir, Monet or Van Gogh.  
Psykosoft was born in the premier accelerator in Europe, London’s Seedcamp last year and then in January 2012 was chosen to be in TechStars Boston, the very selective Kendall Square accelerator program.  
Psykosoft CEO, Mathieu Gosselin will use this investment to attract a dream team of top talent across the web, who will speed Psykosoft’s development as they perfect new ways to create and paint from photos, focusing on the Apple iPad and Windows 8 platforms, including the new Microsoft Surface.   
In fact, Psykopaint is one of the leading creativity apps already available in the Windows 8 Store.  “We’ll use this money to hire awesome people, make the tablets versions amazing and create other new top secret products,” Gosselin explains. 
As Gosselin has said, “At Psykosoft we’re crazy. We believe in originality, we believe in personality, we believe in emotions … Things that are not usually associated with software, but software is just a means to an end. And the goal is to make an artist out of everyone.”
Psykosoft will put creativity tools, which are fun, original and easy to use, into the hands of users of all ages.  Gosselin, will source the best talent, across the world, in the places they love to work, live, and innovate.  His current team already includes some of the top talent in the field, including an ex-lead developer of Aviary, the exciting suite of web-based creativity apps. 
Mathieu understands how truly creative people work and says wisely, “If you were building a sports team, you’d search worldwide to find the best talent.  Location shouldn’t matter. Amazing people are dispersed like nodes on an intelligent network, they don’t always live near you and they don’t always want to gather in the same stupidly busy and expensive place.  If you are in Beijing, Belarus, Beirut or Bellevue but share our vision, love to create stuff and have talent doing so, I don’t care where you are, I want you!” 
Please contact Mathieu Gosselin for  any questions
Phone: +33 6 40 30 39 76
Skype: peutichat
Psykopaint (The Web app):
Psykosoft (Company site):
Mathieu Gosselin self-portrait made with Psykopaint:
Psykosoft Logo:
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Techstars pitch video:
About Atlas Venture:
About Balderton Capital:
Balderton Capital is one of the largest venture capital firms in Europe, committed to finding and helping talented entrepreneurs build great companies. Based in London, it manages $1.9 billion in committed venture capital. Since 2000, Balderton has invested in over 100 companies, principally in numerous European countries but also in the US and Asia. Notable investments include Bebo (sold to AOL for $850m), Betfair (floated on the LSE in 2010), LOVEFiLM (sold to Amazon in 2011), ScanSafe (sold to Cisco Systems for $183m) and MySQL (sold to Sun for $1 billion). 

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