Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Martin Luther at NextBerlin

There are some very cool people here at NextBerlin and I think Martin Luther would have fit right in.  He had that weird black hat and beneath it, a headful of wild, radical ideas.  He used the newest technology to share his ideas.  Books!

SHARE: I visited the Wartburg Castle where wealthy guys let him hide out while he translated the Bible from the priestly languages of Greek and Latin to the people's language of German. This was a radical move and got him in some serious trouble.  Luther would have loved ebooks!  I saw a great exhibit down the hill at Bach's house in Eisenach where you learn that Luther was the original indie musician as he translated the old Latin music of the church into German hymns like my favorite "A Mighty Fortress."  (See hymnal below.  I saw the real book!)   Luther was a guy who liked to click the "share" button and did it at every opportunity.

INDIE:  Yes, I can't help thinking of my boss at Libboo, Chris Howard when I read about Luther.  Chris was an indie music guy first (still a great musician) and now the indie author champion.  Luther loved to sing and did it all over the place and put hymns into the hands and hearts of the common man.  Luther loved to spread ideas in any way possible.  The guy published on a DOOR.  Chris has the same attitude.  Different hat.

TRANSLATE:  Luther put great ideas into the people's language and I can't help think as I meet bloggers, speakers, organizers and all the other great people here in Berlin that the language they use to spread ideas is the language of the Net -- English.  It's the people's language now and helps ideas fly out across the network to places near and far.

MY GOSPEL:  My religion is ebooks.  Please learn how easy they are to make, how perfect for sharing ideas that change the world, change the everyday lives of everyday people.  And best of all, do it in record time.

Photo Credit:  See Wikipedia