Saturday, November 05, 2011

One thing that was so striking at the Women's Leadership Forum (sponsored by MITX, The Girl Scouts, StaplesThe Tech Review and John Hancock), last week which took place at the Microsoft NERD Center, was how chockfull of really helpful information it was.  The speakers shared great information about things that really matter!

It really stopped me in my tracks -- made me stop and think about why it was so different from most conferences dominated by male participants. Typical male geek conferences have too many speakers who seem to be there only to show off how smart or how important they are. (I've written about Alpha Males here before as you likely know.)

But this conference had so many women there who seemed to be concerned with one thing only -- how to help all of us understand what works, what doesn't work, what worked for them, what didn't work for them, what to expect, how to deal with just about anything challenging for a women trying to succeed in a business, an entrepreneur starting a business or as a powerful woman in any domain.  I've never gotten so much helpful advice about what really matters.

It made me sad for all the guys who go to guy conferences. It's so often a competitive -- "I'm cooler than you" -- atmosphere which is so counterproductive. I got so many good insights from the Women's Leadership Forum, compared to the usual conferences I attend. It was terrific!

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