Saturday, August 06, 2011

White Mountains, Highland Lodge, Best New England Camping Experience

No, no, they don't pay me a fee to promote them. No, I'm not a "consultant" with some murky connection to their organization. I'm simply the BIGGEST FAN of Highland Lodge, near Mount Washington up in the White Mountains of NH.

Check them out here: Highland Lodge, White Mountains

My son is wild for camping, while I prefer shoe shopping to the great outdoors, but I love Highland Lodge! It gives parents a real break and is quiet and gorgeous with the chance to enjoy as much or as little of Mother Nature as you want.

And the best-kept secret of all is their L.L.Bean equipment room in the basement. Believe it or not, it's like a free "lending library" of the best L.L.Bean equipment including anything you need -- fleece jackets, daypacks, boots, rain gear, snowshoes, you name it. AND PARENTS, they outfit your children, you hang out in the woods, hiking, going on guide-led adventures, bring your dirty kids back to the Lodge and THEY WASH ALL THE CLOTHES -- That's my idea of a vacation! The food is great. The dinners are terrific and healthy. It's BYOB or buy a bottle of any of their good choices of wine. It's an amazing place.

We went in April with friends visiting from Finland. They didn't have any hiking equipment and the L.L.Bean room took care of everything FREE. And I'm talking snow gear, snowshoes et al., as we waltzed from Boston spring tulips blooming to full-on blizzard up there that particular time.

August is a great time to visit because it's starting to get cool and crisp up at Mt. Washington. Don't miss this New England treasure.