Friday, June 17, 2011

Boston Angels et al.

I was at CES in January in Vegas, in Silicon Valley for Launch and TedXBerkeley in February and both were hella busy, networky and fun. But this week in Boston was a blow out. Gotta wonder if the Bruins were sending out their super good luck and mojo or something! This start-up community was kick-ass this week.

What a week! There were so many excellent events based on entrepreneuring and innovation in Boston this week, it was almost too much. Here's a few hashtags I'll bet you've been seeing: #WebInno #AngelBC #TechStars #DemoDay #Xsite11 #MITX and of course #dcancel #HubSpot.

Bill Warner mentioned at Jon Pierce's excellent Angel Boot Camp on Tuesday that he wanted to get some branding behind the Boston / 128 / 495 / NH entrepreneurial environment here. He certainly was spot on about that and I'm happy to help define it.

Best of all, I noticed how female-friendly the investment community is here and how many excellent female entrepreneurs call Boston home. This is such a good place for women. The smart money understands that investing in women-led teams is the right thing to do. It's one of our big advantages here in Boston and definitely the Next Big Thing.

There's too much research on how women entrepreneurs are smarter with their capital, more patient and better at building companies than some of their male counterparts. They also do what's the best for the team more of the time, than take a ego-driven "hell no, I won't go" founder attitude when a start-up grows and needs more mature managers. I know we'll be seeing a great bunch of women will start balancing out the conferences as speakers and the investment community will be funding more female-led start-ups. How can investors with wives and daughters NOT invest in female ingenuity?!

So, all that said, everyone take it easy this weekend. Time for a slow weekend, whether you're on the Cape, up in the White Mountains, hanging at Crane's Beach, grabbing coffee in Harvard Square or putting in treadmill time at the gym out in Waltham be proud to be a Bostonian and especially a member of a vibrant entrepreneurial community.