Monday, February 14, 2011

Twitter at the Grammys

I am giving my biggest Grammy award to Twitter as APP OF THE YEAR. Of course, Twitter's role in the Egyptian uprising is historic, but Twitter's role at the Grammys was HYSTERIC-AL!

It's so much fun to see what everyone else is thinking as they are watching any wacky awards show. It's the last lone frontier of LIVE TV trying to be cool and holding it together, and despite all prep, offers up all the gaffes only live TV can offer.

It's so much fun to sit in front of the big global screen with thousands of Twitter buddies making cracks at the beautiful people. I mean I love Rhianna, but why do most of her clothes look like they finished off with a document shredder?! Clue me in please. And what brilliant producer decided to let the other 15 guys SING behind Dylan, essentially drowning him out. Let them play and let him sing, duh! And bravo stage manager, giving Dylan a doghouse bass larger than a mountain lying flat on stage, right in his path, forcing him to vault over the thing as he came on stage.

And of course there was the moment when I finally had enough with my cable provider, trying to figure why they kept dropping the audio and I tweeted my frustration -- and my Twitter buddies clued me in -- they were silently "bleeping" all the effing f words in the lyrics. Can you spell "censorship" -- a ship that needs to go Titantic please. Oy vey!

Micah Sifry wins my BEST TWEET AT THE GRAMMIES award this year,
@Mlsif From hip, to hip replacement. Acid to antacid. Mick Jagger at the Grammys