Friday, February 06, 2009

Welcome To My Happy New Year!

We've all been saying Happy Niu Year to make a pun on the Chinese word for Ox (Niu) as the Chinese Year of the Ox kicked off a week or so ago, but today's MY birthday, so it's kind of my personal Happy New Year.

There's lots good about it being my birthday today, but I have to say, the temperature this morning at -1F is a little daunting. But then that's the secret of February babies, just count back 9 months .... we were dreamed up on a lovely May or June day or night, just imagine what a sweet place we came from, and then delivered into the harsh reality of the coldest time of year. A good life lesson there, for sure. Our sunny personalities help all around us make it through the bleak days, with a promise of warm days to follow.

We can be a bunch of Pollyannas, us wacky Aquarians. We love to look on the bright side. For instance, I have a most excellent cup of real English Breakfast loose tea from Tealuxe (in Harvard Square) brewing in my big tea pot on the counter. I have a great day ahead, full of family, friends, fitness and fun. I might even find a piece of cake at the end of this brand new day ... I'll let you know.