Saturday, February 14, 2009

Resting Heart Rate

I like the heartbeat in your wrist and clutch at it
in dark nights or early morning dawns;
It steadies me, my darling, your restful heart rate;
and it dawns on me, what a lovely love you are;
I like to hear your heart beat as we lie together;
I like your front, you're up front with me;
I like your back, you back me up;
I like your sides, and you always take my side.

Your love is hearty and strong,
You've beaten out all the rest.
As you care and cuddle and kind me,
I discover algorithms of love I never could identify
before you came. I yield to you, bend low and salute you,
grant you access, am amazed at your goodness,
desire to be as good as you but never will.

You alone can make my heart skip a beat.
I just plain desire you, you there, yes, you!
In bones and blood, skin and muscle,
a simple human being, so within arm's length.
I appreciate your down-to-earth personable
personness, as our lucky love pulses along,
a pretty paradiddle of coronary constancy.
An upbeat downbeat, my dear,
"And a one, and a two, and a ..."
I love you.