Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Micro-hiring In The Molasses Economy

Everyone knows this economy has slowed down to the speed of cold molasses on a cold winter day. And you can't have missed the non-stop discussion in Washington, DC about how to get money into peoples' pockets FAST. You've heard of the miraculous benefits of micro-lending. Well, people don't need a loan, as much as they need some WORK. Try Micro-hiring.

If you're in a position to pay some folks for some contract work -- $500-$1000/month for even a few months -- do it! Micro-hiring is hiring people for small contract jobs just to help them out and help you get projects and initiatives in gear, on track and completed.

If your company has fired, okay, "downsized" a few people, be it 10 to 10,000, those burdensome fixed costs of payroll, are now gone. Perhaps there's still some money floating around in your budget and a lot of work to be done in your company, which you could happily marry with some fast micro-hiring. Try it.