Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thank Goodness Thank God Thanksgiving

I really am so thankful for so many wonderful things. Of course, number one is my terrific son. I'm so blessed to be his mom. And my most kind, loving, sweet, brilliant fiance -- how'd I get so lucky?!

And last night at a lovely dinner party, I was so thankful to see a great group of my friends all in one pretty place at one time. Thanks so much Chris and Linda. And we toasted to Thank God For Obama loudly and quietly all the other great things in my life came to the forefront. My friends, my family, my colleagues, the great people I work with, the people who teach me things, who help me out, who connect with me in the blogosphere and beyond. I am thankful to all of you. Also, though we don't always agree on all subjects, I'm very thankful for my ex and how he takes good care of our son, makes him value school and learning, helps him succeed. I'm thankful to the Boy Scouts and all the hard work of the leaders in my kids' troop who work tirelessly to help our boys grow into excellent young men.

And of course to Jon Stewart and Andrew Sullivan and Arianna Huffington and Robert Scoble and all the other people who make MY daily show fun and full of learning, love, light. I'm thankful in a million ways for the Net.

Take a minute today and be thankful for all the many blessings in your life. There really are so many.

Photo Credit: Jan Stewart