Tuesday, November 04, 2008

OMG What A Beautiful Day! It's VOTERIFIC!

It turned out to be a beautiful warm, more September than November Election Day here in Boston. I had to run out early, drove by my polling place, a local elementary school to see a LONG line there at 7:25am ... it had opened at 7:00am, but neighbors told me the lines were handled well and quickly, no problems.

I was busy all morning, got away about 1:00pm to get some lunch and vote and FINALLY got both of those things accomplished. I did it! I did it! Thank you suffergettes for suffering for me! This woman voted!

Standing in the old school gym, looking at the Massachusetts Presidential ballot in my hand, the real thing -- a long paper cardstock ballot with little "fill-in-the-blank" bubbles to color in black with a magic marker -- I thought, "Where is the orchestra to play a rising, haunting, triumphant melody, which starts quietly but soon is full of horns and kettle drums and cymbals crashing as I color in the bubble next to Barack Obama?!

Instead it's the ultimate in anti-climax, just a quiet old gymnasium full of local seniors opening big books full of local residents names and addresses, a cop or two making sure all goes smoothly, a box that you feed your ballot into after your done, the funny WHISK as the rollers suck your ballot away.

The political shows, the editorials, the dinner arguments, the GOTV stuff, the lawn signs, the debates, the primaries with such a wide range of potential nominees, the narrowing to the Democratic fight between Hillary and Obama, the unsuccessful (I think) deus ex machina of the Palin nomination, the final weeks, all of it ... it all amounts to this ... coloring in little circles with a black marker, thanking the seniors for checking me in and out, voting.