Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life Plan: Take The Magic Pill

If I had a magic pill you could take that would help you feel better physically, feel better emotionally, live longer, look better, add more love, sex and fun to your life, help you sleep better at night -- would you take it? I think you would. By the way, my magic pill is free. Sounds good, doesn't it?! Well, it's not really a pill -- it's exercise. One hour a day.

That's the hitch. It's not a pill you toss in your mouth and swallow in 10 seconds with a glass of water. It's a pill that takes an HOUR to "swallow" every day -- and you take it with a few glasses of water, not just one sip.

Exercise in the form of walking, yoga, dancing, running, spinning, tennis, swimming, you name it -- find your favorite flavor of pill. Or take a different one every day. You decide. And it works. And as you get older, you'll start seeing who's doing it (and who's NOT) and how much it helps the people who pop the pill every day as they age. They'll look better than you. They'll feel better. They'll live longer and you might want to think about that.

You may have been avoiding my magic pill for a long time, or maybe took them religiously for the last few months but forgot to refill your prescription lately. No problem. Just get back to it today. Just take one today. One hour of walking is a good way to start. One magic pill of exercise and three glasses of water to wash it down. And while you're walking today, think about committing to the magic pill for the rest of your life. The "rest of your life" as defined by you, as you become happier and healthier day by day, as you swallow the pill that only takes an hour out of your day and gives back so much.

And when you find it tricky to fit the one-hour pill in every day, feel free to say to yourself, "these people who are keeping me from taking the pill today -- these "must-do" priorities and other time wasters -- they are KILLING me and I don't appreciate it." These people are killing you, they are. Spend your one hour of exercise running AWAY from people, jobs, family, anyone who's keeping you from taking the magic pill.