Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dinner With Doc

Wonderful to see Doc and his wife last night, to celebrate his birthday, as well as my move to his neighborhood. My fiance lives a stone's throw from the VRM guru, so that's another great new benefit of moving in with my beau. This neighborhood is full of fun friends, fascinating folks and seriously green non-suburban proximity to Cambridge and Boston.

This is a picture from Paris I took of Doc when we spoke at Loic's first Le Web (aka Les Blogs in those days). I remember thinking how well he looked here and after this past year of so many up-and-downs for him in terms of health, there was only one birthday present I could give, those traditional wishes of good health and long life.

We talked a lot about managing vendors, no surprise, after my post here about the uphill work of simply changing my many magazine subscription addresses due to moving. (Only Fortune Magazine did an excellent job.) Doc totally gets it and didn't even give me any "I told you so" about VRM, now that I'm finally getting it too.