Tuesday, April 29, 2008

SezWho? SezYou? SoWhat? OhSheSaysTheyRoll!

I'm trying to figure out what the heck SezWho is, and I think it's a sort of recommendation layer for online communities ... tells you who's saying good things about others I guess ... honestly I don't know, but I'm gonna meet these guys later this week and I'm doing a quick study.

My teen kid is big on describing buddies in his school in terms of who "rocks" and how they "roll" -- it's nice to be an old mom and have almost no idea what the heck he's talking about -- but I know it's a kindof rating system, a social reputation ranking system unique to teens.

There's lots of research on how we tend to like what our friends like. It's interesting what this means when brand, social networks and rankings collide.

Brand figures in a big way. Your CV is a pile of brand statements. Do you feel differently about me if I tell you I went to Harvard, work at Harvard, teach at Harvard or sweep the floors at Harvard? What if I went to Middlesex Community College, work there, teach there or sweep the floor there?

I find it very fascinating how movie stars, for instance, rise and fall in terms of popularity (or infamy) on a near daily basis, and learn to handle that. It must be tough. One day you're the kid who's COOL-IN-SCHOOL, next day you go from HERO-TO-ZERO.