Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Rubel's Lazy Blogosphere

I liked Steve Rubel's post about the new trend of microblogging in the blogosphere -- or LAZYSPHERE as he suggests -- where some of the blogosphere's best writers are hardly writing 3 words a week, instead of the 300 words a day many of us used to do.

The other day I was reading a book about planning and goal setting and they asked you to remember, in as much specific detail as possible, what you were doing EXACTLY five years ago.

Well, with a blog that's easy to answer. I know I was just starting to write my wild "thought pieces" called How To Become An Alpha Male In 18 Easy Lessons. They were part fiction, part fact, all about WRITING, and they were only possible as blogs.

I also know it was a time when my dad was ill and I was writing about that. You can read some of that here too.