Wednesday, January 16, 2008


It's official ... Scoble is headed to FastCompany.TV ... which should be very interesting. One of my all time favorite people, Lynne D. Johnson, is there so I'm sure there's a lot of good stuff we'll see from that group. And even better, it's based in NYC, and I'm a great lover of the Big Apple and especially media that comes out of there. They know a few things about media I think.

Here's Lynne's take on Scoble's move:
Our latest announcement is the launch of FastCompany.TV, a new online video network featuring coverage of bleeding edge technology trends, interviews with leading executives and business people, reviews of the latest technology products, and lifestyle programming. Robert Scoble, one of the most popular technology bloggers in the world, will join us to serve as Managing Director of the site, slated to launch in March. FastCompany.TV will debut several programs over the course of 2008 featuring Scoble and other well known personalities.

Photo Credit: Christopher Carfi