Friday, November 24, 2006

Cool Santa Loot This Year

There are some way cool things I like a lot this year and hope to give and get them:

--->The New "Here and Now" Monopoly -- I'm gaga for the new tokens, no more dog and hat, but a Starbucks Mug, a Prius and a Motorola Razr!

--->Tiny Clip-on-Anywhere-able iPod Shuffle -- it's just too cute -- watch the ad.

--->Waldenbooks and Borders cute Teddy Bear for $8.99 w/some purchase (I forget how much.)

--->Any cook tool from Williams Sonoma. There are a lot of small, cheap, simple ones that I want to have on hand to give as gifts. Everyone can use a new wooden spoon, a spaturla or a cool cutting board. Tie them up with great ribbons from Michaels. I love the tiny cutting board (about 4x6") I use for just chopping garlic.

--->Anything from Home Depot -- like a retractable metal tape measure. I love shopping in places that don't seem to be typical Christmas stores. A new toolbox is good. New tools. Who can't use another screwdriver or a new hammer?

--->Keyrings from Tiffany's. Very nice, amazingly affordable. Blue box -- always makes the heart beat faster.

--->Saturn Sky Convertible, it's so ... parkable!

--->Amazon gift cards always and forever. Irresistible.

[Disclosure: None of the products I mention, nor the companies who make them have giving me any sort of compensation or request to list them. It's all just junk I like.]