Saturday, October 28, 2006

"Walla Walla Wondering Where You Are!?"

So I just got a phone call with that very message ... my funny kid left it since he knows I'm here in Seattle and shortly heading out to a very fun day in Walla Walla Washington to a wine tasting at the Hedges Family Estate. I can't wait to taste all their wines ... well, maybe not ALL, but as many as they are willing to share with us.

Of course the super fun thing my kid is sorry to miss is a ride on a private jet, sponsored by Greenpoint Technologies. Greenpoint designs private jet interiors. Very cool.

Check out their website. Now this is my idea of a master bedroom. And how's this for a board room. I'd be happy to have board meetings in a room like this in the sky!

Just to mention, the trend towards private jet travel is, of course, very strong. And this blog, Big Business Jet is the one to read and add to your aggregator. It's very cool.

More when I get my feet back on the ground!