Thursday, December 15, 2005

Why We Love Feedster and Technorati

I was just trying to find Geoffrey Moore's blog. He started it in November and at a conference at Harvard Business School Dave Sifry, Doc Searls and I attended, we helped him out during lunch to find the URL he'd created on Typepad only a few hours before (I remember when I first started my blog, I needed the same help) and talk about blogs, RSS, etc before he went on to do his keynote.

This morning I tried to find it again on Google. The problem is, I found a million other things about Geoffrey Moore and his book Crossing The Chasm, but didn't find his blog until I used Feedster and then did another check on Technorati. They worked like a charm, and in fact, I found it by reading something Marc Orchant had written ABOUT Moore's blog.

We love Feedster and Technorati because they GET it -- they GET feeds, blogs, weblogging, linking, RSS. They are very different from -- and better than, in many instances -- the big brother search engines.