Monday, December 19, 2005

Scoble, It's Just A Case of Conference Burnout

Hey Robert, thanks for blogging about me and Mitch Ratcliffe getting fed up with boring conferences. I think I'm just burned out since I was involved in event sales and planning at Harvard Business School Publishing's Conference Group for a year or so after doing conferences with TTI Vanguard for a few years. Even before attending any blogging conferences, I'd been behind the scenes doing conferences non-stop since the mid-90's.

Let me mention that the BlogHER Conference was definately an exception. It was terrific. Marc Canter was smart enough not to miss it. Also Jay Rosen ... and some other men too, maybe a handful more? They were definately in the minority. Next year's event will be longer, even better and yes, men are invited.

And of course, the really boring thing is how many conferences still have only white men speaking. What a joke!