Friday, December 16, 2005

Please Relax

I am noticing ... and who wouldn't ... that people now, as we get ten days away from the holidays, are so STRESSED OUT. They are acting like idiots in retail establishments. They are losing their cool in meetings at work. They are driving like complete lunatics. Holy Hell! Happy Holidays!

I am wondering ... and shouldn't we all ... is there any way to just relax and stop freaking out?!? I'm just as bad as anyone else. Having a flat tire last night in a pile of snow and ice didn't improve my mood, I'll admit, but still, can't we cut everyone a break?

I am loving ... and you would too ... the quiet moments and chai lattes I get to enjoy with my friend who works at a bookstore as he recounts insane stuff he's dealing with everyday. I don't know how the hell he puts up with all of it. He's a veritable saint. I would have hauled off and slugged any number of his bitchy, pushy, obnoxious customers and their whiny, snotty-nosed, giant stroller-imprisoned tikes!