Monday, December 19, 2005

Advertisers Wising Up

Interesting, Yahoo offers advertisers very granual data and lots of info. Check this out:
Yahoo! Inc., a global Internet company, and Marketing Management Analytics, Inc. (MMA), the marketing analytics pioneer, announced a new service that will help marketers improve their return on overall marketing investments by evaluating the offline sales impact of their online marketing programs. This move builds on Yahoo!’s commitment to enhancing the accountability of online marketing ROI, and will help marketers deploy a best practice solution for budget allocations across all media.

Yahoo! and MMA’s marketing ROI assessment model builds on an existing MMA model to include data from Yahoo! showing users’ exposure to online graphical and search advertising. This new model provides a focused assessment of online programs on Yahoo!, measured next to programs on other media, and gives insights and recommendations to marketers on both online and offline marketing spend. Marketers can choose to provide MMA with data from other online sites, including direct marketing campaigns and Web site data, to get a broader view of their total marketing programs.