Tuesday, November 22, 2005

What Are You Wearing?

You wouldn't even believe what I'm wearing. My glamourous life. We bloggers are not so good at getting dressed some mornings.

So I slept very well from 10:00 to 4:00 -- that's good for me -- and then in bed flipped on the light and was writing in my journal, after blogging about 12 posts yesterday, never enough -- and wrote about 4 pages.

It was raining out and near my bed there's an air conditioner, the kind that is built into the wall and hangs outside. The rain hits it like a snare drum and wakes the dead, and me. But that's okay, I love the rain, it's so cozy. And I needed to get up and get writing.

I switched the light off around 5:00am and slept until 8:00! "Beast!" as my son likes to say with his new slang word that means ... I don't know what the hell it means, but it's a joyful expletive. I never sleep that much and it was terrific, I needed it. It was definately BEAST!

So I had the choice to work out or ... WRITE and lately, I've been so busy, I haven't been writing nearly enough (nor working out nearly enough for that matter, but one must have one's priorities).

I got out of bed. I figured it might be a good idea to put some clothes on. I decided I needed to wear my pink knitted cap, it was cool and rainy. I put on my hat. I put on a dumb white tee shirt, over this, a big old grey Rugby shirt that says SONY PICTURES Transportation Crew on it, added a pair of white cotton V's Secret panties for good measure ... and then I made a big pot of Jasmine tea.

And then it was 7:00am and I was blogging and doing email. And then it was 8:00am and I was blogging and doing email and drinking tea in this odd get-up.

And then it was 10:45 for Chrissakes. I did get a lot of writing and blogging and tea drunk, but then I went into the bathroom to notice I was wearing a pink hat, a big old shirt that just cut below the cotton panties, thank you, a little decency please and no pants ... whoops, no pants ... hmmm, perfect blogging outfit, but GET A GRIP GIRL!?!

Now, there have to be some pants around here somewhere and at noon I have to appear like a boring suburban mom at my kid's school to see his Artillery Project. Wearing pants is de rigeur.

Can't wait to see his Artillery Project. Should be fun. We did research on Wikipedia and came up with cool questions about launching mortars and all. Our best question (and he's learning geometry, using a protractor and so the issue of angles is big with his class), "Where will a shell land if you launch it at a 90 degree angle." The answer I think is "on your head." He and I loved this project.