Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Meeting Someone Special

I get a lot of really nice guys asking me how they can meet someone nice. I just don't get it. They are so nice and they aren't meeting any women they like ... wait, actually, they aren't meeting any women at all.

And I hear the same thing from women. So what the hell is going on out there?

I don't get it.

Everyone's a little shy about talking to one another.

Please, try it. Try anything. Just learn to say "Hello, how are you doing?" to just about anyone you run into ... at the drycleaner, at Kinko's, at a deli, everywhere.

It will help, believe me.

I'm a friendly person and meet so many nice guys everywhere I go. I was thinking about it today, trying to figure out why other women often scare men away.

Hell, some of them have an expression that would scare me away. Girls, smile a little for God's sake.

I can tell how men feel about it -- when they see a pretty woman who looks really hostile, like she'll shoot them down, no matter what they say. Yikes!

And women, are we being too picky? Do we want Mr. Perfect? Get over it! Who made you so perfect that you can reject every guy you come across?

And guys, please, just say ANYTHING to us. A lot of us want to talk to you.

Golly, it's worse than 7th Grade out there.

Ask the time. Ask directions. Ask someone something -- anything -- just try it.