Friday, October 07, 2005

Dave Winer, Congrats!

And more good news in the big deals department! Looks like Dave Winer's sold to Verisign. Lots going on around the blogosphere these past few days.

Winer is a pioneer around these parts, an amazing entrepreneur and the creator of RSS. No slouch. He can piss off anyone in the world, it's true, but you have to respect his creativity, persistence and vision. He is the quintessential Alpha Male Geek.

But I am still most in awe of his committment to just plain solid blogging, day in and day out. No one works harder EVERY DAY at blogging and keeping us all up-to-date on what matters in high tech and the world, than Winer at, so bravo, man! I mean how many bloggers can have their entire audience freak out when they don't post for a day or two, as happened some time around June 2002 if I recall.