Monday, August 01, 2005

How About A Few Links?

Jeff Jarvis, I love you man, but this morning you blog about the Blogher Keynote I did with Charlene Li at Forrester and you mention NEITHER OF US, give us no traffic, critique a conference you did NOT attend, give a link to another man who did not attend and then mention Lisa Stone in a dismissive way sans linking her, WHAT GIVES?

I'm doing my laundry after coming back late last night from California, have to take my kid to the pediatrician who's been fighting an earache this weekend as I was at the conference with me, have to go to the doctor and then I'll be back, and believe me I have a lot to say.

In fact, as part of my opening statement in the debate I referred to you and other 9/11 bloggers who turned MSM around by your brave and fearless coverage of that day in a way ONLY bloggers were able to do. I was arguing that doing what you guys and gals did changed MSM forever and that's the point, ignore the lists, just change the world.

There were so many excellent opinions in the room -- it will take me all day to link to them. Why not JOIN ME IN LINKING TO ALL OF THEM?

More soon -- try a little link love buddy if 'LINKS ARE IT".