Saturday, July 23, 2005

Videogame Babes

I'd been way against Grand Theft Auto long before the sexy part was revealed this week. To my mind, it's still terribly violent and celebrates THEFT ... okay, isn't that enough for us to keep it away from our children?!? It was enough for me.

Another piece about it from a slightly different angle. They are talking about why every woman in a videogame has to look like a Las Vegas show-girl. Check this out here:
Don't even get her started on the thong-bikini babes that the male gunmen win as prizes in "Grand Theft Auto," which was sent to stores with hidden sex scenes left embedded on the discs by programmers.

Rockstar Games belatedly took responsibility for the scenes this week after the industry's ratings board re-rated the game "Adults Only."

"I wish they were wearing more clothes," says Teich, a lifelong game enthusiast who now helps create games. Why, she asks, must women in video games always look like Las Vegas show girls?