Monday, July 18, 2005

Tessy Rocks!

I love this post.
But I also want to make something clear. I am refuting the claims about my "promiscuity" simply because it really doesnt represent the life I am leading. However, I will defend any woman's right to sleep with whomever, whenever she wants. Ms. Olen is shocked by a single woman who has and talks about sex. She shouldnt be. Her outrage only suggests her own prejudices. If you are in a polyamorous relationship and that works for you, great. If you prefer the thrill of sport fucking? Wonderful. If you are a queer and gender fucking turns you on? Go Forth and Fuck. I think one of the most disappointing things about this essay is the way it suggests that a woman who thinks about sex, writes about it, has it, chooses an academic career that asks questions about its societal relevance (my blog clearly states that my intellectual interests have to do with the intersection of sex and violence in the Victorian novel) are not fit to care for children. Ridiculous. I think most women have a lot to say about sex. And I choose to say it. Also, I am more and more outraged that she interjects my queer sexuality as a way to make the article more salacious. I do have a boyfriend but I am still, Proudly, bisexual. I am not ashamed of being attracted to women. And for her to throw it in her essay as a means to make it more *sensational* is a sad commentary on her own prejudices.