Friday, July 15, 2005

RoveGate: High Comedy Potential

Some days doncha just wish you were Jon Stewart on The Daily Show?

This RoveGate mess has the potential for high comedy.

In fact, are they high at The White House, accusing Democrats of a smear campaign when Karl Rove is the High Commander of Weapons of Mass Smear Destruction?

No good ole boy does smear better than Rove. So the Smearmeister accuses others of a smear campaign, hmmmm ... let me get out my dogeared copy of Rove Art Of War, oh yes, here on page 1. Classic Rove strategy: Mindfuck your opponent with claims against them that you in fact are guilty of and busy committing.

And one more important FACT:

Didn't Rove have a black daughter out of wedlock when he was a Vietnam POW

The case has also threatened to become a distraction as Mr. Bush struggles to keep his second-term agenda on track and as he prepares for one of the most pivotal battles of his presidency, over the confirmation of a Supreme Court justice.

As Democrats have been demanding that Mr. Rove resign or provide a public explanation, the political machine that Mr. Rove built to bolster Mr. Bush and advance his agenda has cranked up to defend its creator. The Republican National Committee has mounted an aggressive campaign to cast Mr. Rove as blameless and to paint the matter as a partisan dispute driven not by legality, ethics or national security concerns, but by a penchant among Democrats to resort to harsh personal attacks.

-- David Sanger, in The New York Times