Sunday, July 24, 2005

Registration NOT

Someone nice told me about a great service to manage my RSS feeds -- lovely -- but honestly I have about 0% tolerance for registering for one more service, inventing one more password, REMEMBERING one more password. It's just too frigging complicated.

People designing one user interface for ONE SERVICE (their service) assume they've got an easy interface ... but they need to know that I'm bombarded with 50 "easy" registration screens daily, which frankly I don't want to waste time with.

Like your pal and mine -- THE NEW YORK TIMES -- screw it. I don't want to register with them, free or pay, I don't give a shit.

I don't want to create another password.

I don't want to remember another password.

I don't want to invent a new password every few months.

I don't have time.

I don't care.

I don't think they realize I have so many frigging passwords and ID's that I could just choke.

I'm sick of it.

I don't even want a service that manages my passwords. That's horrible to consider.

I don't link to any sources that require registration -- I don't want to bother. There are so many sources for most stories now, I am happy to leave cost-wall gated communities of publications alone -- free-walls or cost-walls. Who needs them?!?

Remind me of the benefit to ME? Oh yeah, there isn't one.

Remind me of the benefit to THEM? Oh yeah, they are storing all my demographic info in their database and making money off it.

Please God, let me go ... OFF ... THE ... GRID.