Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Taking The Heat

I talked to a bunch of bloggers yesterday who admitted they are sick of the trend in blogging where, if you are actually being honest and writing what you believe, you end up with a bunch of people -- often big brave anonymous losers -- trying to shoot or shout you down. A lot of us are sick of taking the heat here in the blogosphere where every time you open your mouth, a bunch of hecklers are quick to tell you to shut up and that you're wrong.

Here's the beauty of the thing -- on my blog I can say whatever I want and I can be wrong if I want. For people who have a problem with it, feel free to go away, don't read me and start your own blog.

That's the crux of it, the notion that we should host comments and host other people's opinions is flawed. This is not the town square, IT'S MY BLOG and the democratic "freedom of speech part" works this way ... you're not free to write nasty things here ... you're free to go start your own nasty blog and write nasty things there.