Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Not So United States

Last night, Mark Shields, the Democratic political analyst on PBS TV was talking with Jim Lehrer and David Brooks, about how a majority of Kerry supporters are clearly on the coasts and in the big cities.

Despite all the happy talk about everyone just getting along and all lining up behind whomever ends up being President ... it's hard to see that happening.

So why don't we just split the country right now -- this morning. We can call the ocean-edgy states the THE UNITED COASTS OF AMERICA (UCA) and we can call the South and Mid-West and West THE UNITED BIBLEBELT OF AMERICA (UBA).

If you're a Democrat and don't live in a coastal state -- all three of you -- move. And if you're a Republican living on the water, get your crap in a pick-up truck and relocate to Wyoming, you'll love it there. Yippee-I-Yo-Cahier!

The resettlement should be done by the weekend, long before the votes are ever counted.