Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Of Course A Kerry Landslide

I think we're going to be mightily surprised when Kerry wins a landslide next week. We've been living under a reign of Republican terror where you have to go into hiding if you're a Democrat, and if you're a Republican, you're forced to whisper around town if you have a single justifiable criticism of this lamed-assed administration. All this silence is keeping us from seeing the obvious -- Bush is over.

And speaking of silence, the voting booth is a very quiet place -- one last bastion of privacy. And privately, we've all had enough. Democrats have their laundry-list of objections to Bush's last four years. But I still think it's the Republicans who've suffered the most. Republicans have really been kicked in the gut by their leader and will let him know how they feel about it.

Bush has made it embarrassing to be a Republican and nearly impossible to call yourself a conservative.

There's no "there" there in this Republican party. You can't stand for fiscal responsibility and restraint if you're a Bush supporter. You can't stand for fairness or for that tattered document, The Constitution, if you're a Bush supporter. You can't stand for the separation of Church and State if you're a Bush supporter. You can't be proud of his record as the leader of our military. You have nowhere to stand.

Shall I post some pictures of Abu Gharib prison? Shall I describe the monstrous deficit and the direct correlation between that terrifying number and the happy folks who earn over $200,000 annually with tumbling tax rates? Shall I ask where the missing 377 tons of munitions are? Shall I ask why it's okay for Bush to have a tenuous grip on reality but boast of a direct line to God?

I think we'll all had enough and in the final weeks, I think rational Republicans are going to be left with a difficult decision. I think they cannot vote for Bush. And I think they cannot NOT vote. I think they may just be angry enough to vote a far more conservative candidate, John Kerry, into office.