Thursday, October 28, 2004

12 Reasons Women Should Vote For Kerry/Edwards

There are a lot more than 12 reasons but when I read this silly thing from USAToday via Yahoo News this morning, explaining why more women will probably vote for Bush, I just had to address it:

1. I'm a security mom too, but Bush has created the most insecure world imaginable by making nearly every country in the world hate Americans. Security starts with having allies and I think Kerry has a more likely chance of creating this atmosphere than Bush.

2. Kerry is cool with a wife who earns more and has more money than he does. A lot of married women are in this situation and Kerry gets it. A lot of you married women married wealthier men -- is there something sleazy about YOU doing this, just as people want to pretend there's something slezay about Kerry falling in love with a wealthy woman? It's the media hype and it's baloney.

3. Edwards is a babe and cool with having a terrifically smart, slightly plump wife. He gets my vote! Check out the Elle Magazine piece about Elizabeth Edwards, I love her. They lost a son (16 years old) in 1996 and she went on to try to have more kids, using fertility treatments and, no big surprise, gained a bit of weight in the process, but ended up with two more lovely kids.

4. Kerry's been through a divorce and has a good relationship with his ex and kids to show for it -- that's diplomacy! He can negotiate foreign policy treaties for me any day -- they can't be as tough as negotiating a divorce and custody agreement.

5. There's honestly a lot I like about Laura Bush, but she's a 1950's wife and this is not 1950. Kerry and Edwards are married to modern women and understand us better.

6. No matter how much you like George and Laura Bush, they are the front "men" for a very right-wing Bible-loving, anti-abortion, anti-gay movement. They want to keep women hidden in a burquah called "home sweet home" and think women are best pregnant and barefoot. I loved being pregnant and I'm a church-going Christian, but I don't want some born-again Bible nut telling me when to have (or not have) sex and when to go to church. I'm voting Kerry/Edwards.

7. It's the economy and we're NOT stupid. Aren't you women and moms sick of worrying about losing your own jobs (or probably have already lost them) and worrying about your husband's job, your son's jobs, your other relative's economic situation. Bush has shown no mercy towards the working class or middle class, or even a big section of the upper middle class. To be fair, I don't think he personally knows any people who aren't millionaires. I don't think he knows the difficulties we all face. Let Kerry try to get this economy moving -- he'll pull it off the way Clinton did.

8. Don't tell me ladies that you don't know someone who's gone bankrupt in the last year or so -- I know you do -- and you worry yourself sick about them. Do you really think Bush has done a great job with the economy?

9. How many single moms do you know who make over $200,000 and have been given a break by Bush's tax cuts? That would be ... ZERO! Kerry and Edwards will do better by single moms. Hell, anyone would!

10. Ever wake up late at night in a sweat over the frightening scenario of having no healthcare insurance and getting breast cancer?! Bush isn't losing sleep over it. Kerry has a much better plan to help you retain your healthcare and even keep a job!

11. Security moms want their kids safe, so how about starting with getting their sons and daughters out of Iraq and safe at home. When Bush says "Read My Lips -- No Mandatory Draft" which he has essentially said, remember how he lied about Weapons Of Mass Destruction. He wants to win a middle east OIL war for his Texas friends -- don't kid yourself -- and will be forced to reinstate the draft. Don't let him send your kids. Vote him out and Kerry in.

12. No woman looking at the pictures of the prisoners of the Abu Ghraib prison can be anything but devastated by this ungodly treatment of humans under Bush's watch. As a mom I find it disgusting that anyone ever let it happen and then, never took the blame. Those people -- despite being our hated enemies -- are the sons of some mother somewhere. No person should be treated that way. All mothers know that in their hearts. It makes me cry to imagine it and makes me ashamed to have been a part of it -- which as an American I was forced to acknowledge -- they did it in my name.