Saturday, May 22, 2004

You Can Do Something

Sometimes it feels like there are so many areas of war, strife, difficulty worldwide, you want to throw up your hands and give up -- but you can do something to help, if only by being aware and raising the awareness of others.

Take a minute to read this blog which gives you a picture of the dreadful human rights violations going on in Sudan right now.

In Darfur, a region in southern Sudan approximately the size of Texas, over a million people are threatened with torture and death at the hands of marauding militia and a complicit government. Imagine a militia that forces parents to choose whether their children will be burned alive or shot to death. Imagine that in the very same month the world remembers the genocides of Cambodia and Rwanda, the unfolding news of another in Sudan is barely heard and largely ignored.

This link talks about what bloggers can do to help as well. Thanks to Jim Moore for the update and links.