Wednesday, May 26, 2004

A Feeling

This morning I was putting lotion on -- actually Blueberry Body Butter -- after my shower and I was feeling really sexy and female and I was playing around with the idea of what it might feel like to be a man. I can't imagine. I honestly can't imagine not having bosoms, womany hips, all the right girl stuff, sexy longer hair. To be shaped in a curvy girlish way feels just right to me.

To be a big shouldered, flat sailor-hipped, ice cream cone-shaped man -- how odd. To have a flatish boy butt, instead of a curvy round girl butt, it seems completely strange. To have a fluctating size, male, EXPOSED set of balls and penis -- beyond my imagination. To not have a period and a delicate delta of pussy, politely hidden away, able to make babies, ready to keep deep secrets -- unfathomable.