Friday, June 20, 2003

Sexual Tourist

Welcome to my “country”
I said
With the best of intentions
But yours
Were not so pure.

In your cheesy rental car,
you came, noisily.
Your horn was so horny.
Of course, I heard you
Who wouldn’t?

Where the rubber meets the road,
bed and breakfast.
Your morning wake-up call
pressed against me.
You wanted to get the
lay of the land, I suppose.

Stop driving so hard
But slip off the shoulder
straps, one at a time,
and let me show you
a thing or two.
I’ll teach you how to navigate this body.

Off road, we’ll wander and
this landscape may well amaze you.
Take the time it warrants.
Each slow curve.
Just slow down.
I’ll send you home with souvenirs,
you won’t soon forget.

-- Halley Suitt