Friday, June 20, 2003


Drove over to school to get my son on his HISTORIC last day of 2nd Grade. Yes, school's out for the summer. He's sick with a cold and feels lousy, just wants to go home. Good, we set off towards the parking lot. It's a nice day. We're walking towards the car -- lots of kids, lots of parents, balloons, lots of bags full of stuff kids have kept in their lockers for months.

We hear a loud crunch. "Ut oh," I say to my son. "Somebody crashed into that car."

We look. Yep, "that car" happens to be MY CAR. Some lady in a minivan has broadsided my front passenger door, nearly taking out the side mirror completely and leaving a big concave kiss in the door. All I need. The other mother gets out of her car and is really freaked out. I tell her not to worry -- I'll call her. We swap info. My son is sick -- that matters more in the big picture. Never a dull moment.