Saturday, April 19, 2003

Alpha Males -- Say What?!

A rather esteemed literary friend of mine has asked me point blank, "So what's all this Alpha Male stuff you're writing about?" He needs some context. He needs a framework. He needs to get a handle on it. Okay, okay, true, true. Let me write some "about" today for my little series, as it winds down. Yes, believe it or not, we're on Lesson 14 and I realized the other day ... "Hey, that's close to 18!"

I've been writing each piece ad hoc, as they came to me, but now, I'm heading for the last exit on the highway here, so I'll be planning them a little more carefully, and expect to be done soon. Stick around for the jokes folks. We're almost done.

But first, a little piece that will give all you late comers some context on what the heck I'm trying to do here with "How to Become an Alpha Male in 18 Easy Lessons." It's taken me nearly 14 lessons to figure it out myself.