Saturday, November 02, 2002

Legal Lunch

I'm at Legal Seafoods eating a spicy hurricane soup with Thai spices and scallops, cod, shrimp, then a full plate of salmon, broccolli, garlic mashed potatoes. Really delicious. And there are tables all around me and I can't help wondering about the folks. I gotta know their stories. I can't actually hear much conversation. So I guess I'll just have to guess.

I was in a Chinese restaurant in Palo Alto, a while back with a friend when we saw a table of 1950's debutantes one Friday, all dressed to the nines in party dresses, about 6 of them -- all girls, no boys, college-aged. He wanted to know what they were up to. He didn't want to go ask. I guess he couldn't really, a guy hitting on 6 debutantes, so I went over. "You guys a rock band?" I asked. "No, just friends, we're doing girls night out." Cool. I like to look at the other tables in a restaurant, try and guess what they're up to.