Saturday, November 02, 2002

Legal Lunch -- Table Five

At Table Five, there is a sociological study for us to dissect. Two lesbians in leather coats with a Chinese baby girl toddler.

Okay, call me crazy, but the day will come -- it may take about 20 years -- when China realizes most of its girl babies were adopted by Cambridge lesbians in the mid- to late 1990's and live here in Massachusetts. The Sino-Cantabrigian War will be a strange one. Their brothers will come to claim them and they will find a fairly feisty set of American-Chinese sisters to do battle with. Watch out. They won't want to go "home."

So at the table behind me is just such a couple. The Alpha Mom is nearly 6' 2" and a real knock-out. She's in a really expensive sexy black leather jacket, very tight black blue jeans, bending over to push a toddler in a stroller. Something to see. Most men turn to stare until they get the picture, then turn away. Her partner is a smaller, rather homely Phd in ... maybe ... comp lit and also wears black leather which doesn't fit and makes her look shorter and fatter. The girl toddler is a typical terrible two tyrant letting out intermittent firestation siren-decibel -level shrieks. All of us wince when we hear them. If there weren't enough, she's pounding bloody hell out of the table with a wooden toy, a veritable death knell, boom, boom, boom. Someone stop her.